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Should You Remodel?
    Great question. I mean, that's why you're here, isn't it? Now, we hope that if you do decide to remodel, it will be with Molitor Design+Build, of course. Whether it's a kitchen remodel, addition, bath remodel or window replacement, we're able to help. But we think it's important to determine if you really should remodel in the first place. The last thing we want to do is complete a project for a client who really doesn't need it. In the end it doesn't help anyone. Our goal is to serve our clients, not sell them.
    Now we know that most homes out there need some sort of remodeling. Really, who's home is in perfect shape? Certainly not any of ours. You should see mine. (Wow, I really need to get on that leak in the roof) But we believe that it's important to consider all of the options before deciding on a remodeling project. There are so many factors to consider including: needs vs. wants, cost vs. value, design, resale value, impact on existing spaces, and what Aunt Jenny will think when she comes over for Thanksgiving dinner this year.
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