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Should You Remodel?

The 10 Steps when considering any Remodeling Project:

1. Assess your current situation.

     - Do you have the funds, time and patience to remodel your home?

2. Decide how long you intend to stay in your present home

     - Are you remodeling to create a more comfortable environment for a long-term situation? Or are you remodeling so you

         can sell faster or get a higher sale price for your home?

3. Start defining the areas of the home that you want to change

     - You should have some idea of what the remodeling project will entail before you call a contractor​.

4. Clear plenty of time on your calendar for the project

     - You should establish a realistic timetable with your contractor.

5. Find a reputable contractor

     - The only way to protect yourself during a remodeling project is to hire a professional contractor who has excellent references

6. Create a budget

     - Decide how much you can realistically afford for the project before you start.

7. Request a comprehensive proposal from your contractor

     - The proposal should tell you how much the project is going to cost and what types of products will be used.

8. Get a complete, written contract before the work begins

     - The contract should cover the description of the project, timetable, payment schedule, types of products, etc.

9. Tie payments to work stages

     - Normal contracts split payments by percentages of total cost and are tied to significant work stages in the project.

10. Take a deep breath and keep your perspective

     - Remodeling can be noisy, time-consuming and disruptive to the normal home environment, so it's essential that you hire a Contractor who has a reputation for making the experience enjoyable

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